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This user guide is an overview of the various features of Fraxion's dispatch system

Start Fraxion Dispatch

Icône Répartition Fraxion.jpg

To start the software, click on the "Fraction Dispatch" icon, which is normally located on the desktop of the computer.

If the icon does not appear on the desktop, you can find it in Windows Explorer: C:\Program Files (x86)\Repartition Fraxion.exe

Right-click on the File Distribution Fraxion.exe and select "Pin to Taskbar.

User Authentification

Code utilisateur.jpg

You can select the color of the dispatch screen that you prefer. Generally, blue is less tiring for the eyes.

Users can be created in the User management module. This is also where users can change their passwords.

Passwords can be composed of letters, numbers and are case sensitive. There is no minimum or maximum number of characters to form a password.

Main menu

Le menu principal

The main menu is the first screen when a user enters their code. This menu can vary from user to user and from company to company, depending on the business sector or the company's needs. In the screenshot on the right, all cases are shown. Buttons can be added or removed, depending on the access allowed to users. View page User management.

  • Dispatch-call reception : screens for taking calls and dispatching calls.
  • Zones & car positions : essential to see at a glance all the vehicles, the distribution of the vehicles in the zones and their rank.
  • Dossier chauffeur : driver management module, details, permissions, restrictions.
  • User management : module used to manage users, operators, dispatchers; it is also in this module that you can grant specific access to employees.
  • Zonage de rue : module used to add a new street, modify the zones associated with addresses, etc.
  • Zonage sur carte : module used to draw zones, adjust vertices, modify a set of zoning configurations, etc.
  • Raccourci - Commerce : In this module, you can associate a business to an address for a more efficient call taking.
  • Full search : similar to the "F5" function in the Dispatch - call reception.
  • Trace GPS : module used to track the route taken by a vehicle in the past.
  • Trace GPS TA : As with the regular GPS track, this module is specific to Paratransit (PT).
  • Configuration SIV : This is the place where you can configure the penalty system for vehicle operators.
  • Postes spéciaux : This module allows you to create special positions.
  • Céduleur : useful to create recurrent and punctual calls.
  • Ouvrir Accès : This is a function that allows you to open an external page for adapted transport.
  • Accounts : allows you to manage clients, companies, contracts, etc.
  • Conversion rue : This module allows a concordance between a misspelled address and the real address as it is registered in the database.
  • Exportation TC : Exports data related to public transportation.
  • Transport collectif : Routes established by the regional carrier but carried out by cab.
  • Statistiques - Rapports : Reports in the form of data on the number of calls taken, calls distributed, cars, etc.
  • Voir TA confirmation : Search for a confirmation number of a paratransit performed by a vehicle.
  • Code postal TA : Search for an address for paratransit by zip code, which you can change the time and zoning.
  • Mémo véhicule(s) : This allows you to write to all cars at once.
  • Messages [0] : message between users, dispatchers, operators, administration.
  • Déconnecter : Close the Fraxion software.